Things You Should Know About Semi Trailer Transportation

All across the United States, and even all over the world, produce, necessities, and goods are being shipped to different places that are meant for distribution. And without the availability of semi-trailer and their operator, there could be severe shortages of the daily requirements of life. These semi-trailers are known by different names and could be seen in most countries, but when it comes to knowing the uniqueness of a semi-trailer, people find themselves truly in the dark. What started as a small means for transport has now turned into a big commercial business. You too might have found them running on the interstates and roads, and you could have many questions about these means of transport, like what for these are used.

What is the utility of semi-trailer?

The different forms of semi-trailers are designed for the purpose of moving freight. Nowadays, most of the cargo that is transported on roads, whether it is liquid, palletized, or in bulk, are made on some form of a semi-trailer. The detachable nature of the filled containers helps in moving them to their destination and dropping off, while the tractor truck is used to transport other loads without requiring the previous container for unloading. The possibility of using a single tractor to run multiple trailers helps the transportation companies to make use of a single tractor for multiple runs.


The kind of freight often found in semi-trailers

There are different kinds of configurations available with semi-trailer as per the specific requirements of the tasks. This is the reason for the availability of wide types of trailers that match the different requirements of cargo types. The common type of trailer that is found is the enclosed box trailer, and it is used to carry palletized items as well as goods. A refrigerated trailer is used to transport perishable goods or those that are sensitive to temperature changes. For transporting liquid loads like gasoline, oil, milk or water, a tanker trailer comes to great use. A flatbed trailer has a flatbed to carry the load and can transport practically anything which could be strapped across. There are other trailers also that are used for transporting loads of different types.

The limitations on size of semi-trailers in the United States

The limitations on the length and width of semi-trailers are determined by regulations in this respect. The maximum width that a vehicle used for commercial purposes has been fixed at 102 inches, which is ½ feet. The length that the combined length of a tractor and semi-tractor could have is set at 65 feet maximum. The maximum weight that could be carried as combinations of tractor trailers is set at 80,000 pounds.  If there is a load that exceeds the required regulations, each state has the authority to issue overweight or oversize permits for the vehicles carrying them while transporting within their boundaries.

Laws regarding the pulling and transporting of semi-trailers

In the case of commercial vehicles that are used for semi trailer transportation, they have their own rules to operate, and also some additional laws as well as that followed by private motorists. There are regulations that govern vehicles, drivers and cargo documentation along with limitations on carrying of weights in a routine manner through inspection on the highway or at weigh stations. Inspection of driver’s logs is done so that the time spent by the driver is not more than the allotted time of running the vehicle.


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