Things You Should Know About Semi Trailer Transportation

All across the United States, and even all over the world, produce, necessities, and goods are being shipped to different places that are meant for distribution. And without the availability of semi-trailer and their operator, there could be severe shortages of the daily requirements of life. These semi-trailers are known by different names and could be seen in most countries, but when it comes to knowing the uniqueness of a semi-trailer, people find themselves truly in the dark. What started as a small means for transport has now turned into a big commercial business. You too might have found them running on the interstates and roads, and you could have many questions about these means of transport, like what for these are used.

What is the utility of semi-trailer?

The different forms of semi-trailers are designed for the purpose of moving freight. Nowadays, most of the cargo that is transported on roads, whether it is liquid, palletized, or in bulk, are made on some form of a semi-trailer. The detachable nature of the filled containers helps in moving them to their destination and dropping off, while the tractor truck is used to transport other loads without requiring the previous container for unloading. The possibility of using a single tractor to run multiple trailers helps the transportation companies to make use of a single tractor for multiple runs.


The kind of freight often found in semi-trailers

There are different kinds of configurations available with semi-trailer as per the specific requirements of the tasks. This is the reason for the availability of wide types of trailers that match the different requirements of cargo types. The common type of trailer that is found is the enclosed box trailer, and it is used to carry palletized items as well as goods. A refrigerated trailer is used to transport perishable goods or those that are sensitive to temperature changes. For transporting liquid loads like gasoline, oil, milk or water, a tanker trailer comes to great use. A flatbed trailer has a flatbed to carry the load and can transport practically anything which could be strapped across. There are other trailers also that are used for transporting loads of different types.

The limitations on size of semi-trailers in the United States

The limitations on the length and width of semi-trailers are determined by regulations in this respect. The maximum width that a vehicle used for commercial purposes has been fixed at 102 inches, which is ½ feet. The length that the combined length of a tractor and semi-tractor could have is set at 65 feet maximum. The maximum weight that could be carried as combinations of tractor trailers is set at 80,000 pounds.  If there is a load that exceeds the required regulations, each state has the authority to issue overweight or oversize permits for the vehicles carrying them while transporting within their boundaries.

Laws regarding the pulling and transporting of semi-trailers

In the case of commercial vehicles that are used for semi trailer transportation, they have their own rules to operate, and also some additional laws as well as that followed by private motorists. There are regulations that govern vehicles, drivers and cargo documentation along with limitations on carrying of weights in a routine manner through inspection on the highway or at weigh stations. Inspection of driver’s logs is done so that the time spent by the driver is not more than the allotted time of running the vehicle.


Making Your Wide Load Transport Service A Success

Many individuals prefer the freight loads transportation business. The common belief is that due to constant production and consumption, wide load transportation business will remain in vogue. However, to remain in the industry, the transportation of goods needs to be carried out in a safe and regular basis. The following article discusses on simple strategies that would bring in more freight loads for your business for transporting to any destination, both within and abroad.

First, determine your target market. Find out your specialty where you consider yourself an expert. You should remain happy at doing this activity, as without being happy, you do not expect to excel. Also find out the interests of people who are working around you. You should try learning from their work. This is because your selection of activity will determine your freight loads transportation business. For those having a good background in freight load transportation would find working in this business quite helpful. It is not perfect to depend on common sense alone. You should explore to find as much details as you possibly can. You should have the necessary knowledge of the requirements that are necessary in transporting certain items like dry van, refrigeration, and flatbeds. You should have the knowledge of weight limits. Find out the tarps requirement. You should be aware of simple things so that you do not fail at important junctures.


To get more people hiring your freight transportation business, it is important to have knowledge of the requirements of the surroundings. Hence, people of the North eastern region would prefer transportation of lumber since this business is to be found all around the area. All you need is to take a note of things that are being produced and consumed by people living around. The final requirement for success in transportation business is to hang out with the right crowd of people. It needs mentioning that there are many people to be found who can come to your help in doing business, whether they are your business partners, potential customers or drivers. Having contacts with the right people remain as the foundation of a great business like freight loads transportation.

To make the load transport job a success, it is important to have a knowledgeable and committed driver in following all the safety rules required for the project at hand. The person should have knowledge of the right equipment required to strap down the load as well as the flags and signs necessary to alert other drivers. You also need to have network or connections across the country for safe driving.

Before you begin your Wide Load Transport, ensure that it is prepared for the onward road journey. If the DOT inspection of the trailer has lapsed, it should be corrected with quick inspection. This ensures the protection of your load, and prevents stopping of your load on its journey on the road, which would lead to detention for further inspection, only adding wastage of time to your transport.

The Need for Professional Mining Equipment Transportation Services

For construction and mining companies, it is imperative to outsource professional services to transport and ship heavy and oversized equipment. Because mining equipment can be of different types and sizes with varying weights, especially as such equipment is extremely heavy and large in size, various transportation companies offer specialized and professional mining equipment transportation services at affordable prices.

There is a lot to consider during your mining equipment transportation process. Professionals ideally are the best people to help you with transporting construction and mining equipment from one destination to the other. Heavy haul transportation services for mining companies are extremely helpful to safely and legally transport heavy machinery and oversized equipment by following legal compliances and safety protocols.


Benefits of hiring professional mining equipment transportation services:


The most important concern during a mining equipment transportation process is safety. There are chances of accidents or road mishaps that could occur while heavy and oversized mining equipment is being transported. For this, professional drivers and agents follow standard safety rules and protocols to ensure that the equipment reaches safely and in an ideal condition to the new destination. To keep load safe until the transportation procedure is completed and delivery has been done, the vehicle’s permits, inspections, and licenses must be in order. To ensure that the transportation process is according to the legal and safety standards, professionals do all the work to make sure that your equipment is safe and secure throughout the transportation process.

Reliable and experienced drivers

The experience of the driver transporting your company’s mining equipment highly counts as his expertise and skills will help the equipment be transported in a safe and sound manner. The driver must be experienced and reliable in handling heavy haul equipment transportation jobs, and it is then when you can be guaranteed of the fact that your machinery and equipment will reach its destination safely and on-time.

Using the right vehicles

Mining equipment transportation cannot be carried out using standard trucks and trailers. Specialized trucks and trailers are required to transport such heavy and large equipment from one place to the other. Professionals know how to use the right tools and the ideal vehicles that can carry your load safely and can help with timely and efficient deliveries. The logistic services provided by professional transportation companies can be extremely beneficial if your provider offers such facilities at cost-friendly prices, helping you make the most of expert logistic facilities.

The most common type of applications/equipment used to transport mining equipment is:

• Dump trucks
• Bulldozers, track loaders, wheel loaders
• Excavators
• Drills
• Scrapers
• Haul trucks

You need to get in touch with a reputed transportation service provider that can handle such equipment shipping jobs for you with extreme professionalism and dedication. Choose a company that has been operating in the transportation industry for long.

Especially when it comes to transporting heavy and oversized mining equipment for long distances, it is best not to make any compromises on the safety and security of such loads. Specialized mining equipment transportation services are the key to helping your business get heavy loads hauled and shipped in a safe, structured and integrated manner, which is only possible when you consult the right transportation and shipping companies around you.

Using Flatbed transportation on trucks For Heavy Transportation

Flatbed transportation on trucks provides a versatile platform when it comes to hauling and transportation of loads of different types. The good thing about flatbed is that it can be mounted on any truck frame, right from heavy duty truck frames to small and lightweight pickup truck frames. Also, it is possible to design these beds in a rectangular or square configuration as required for its use.

Flatbeds for Smaller Trucks

For smaller trucks, flatbeds are often designed in a square configuration to get maximum bed area. These beds stick out from the truck body line, and that makes these beds good for use in open areas. For large development projects or when it comes to deliveries of different products to places where there is no issue concerning parking space and mobility, subcontractors make use of square flatbeds having stake gates or hauling racks. Smaller flatbeds are the right solution for carrying sliding doors, storefront glass, auto parts, new tires and rims as well as other bulk supplies that are needed at loading docks and construction sites.


Flatbeds for Larger Trucks

The larger flatbeds are designed in a rectangular shape to help larger trucks in parking without any concern for a protruded bed on its sides. These flatbeds are ideal for use on large as well as medium routes and are used to supplying produce and construction materials, and also for transporting specialized things like high-pressure oxygen and gasses. The availability of stake gates help in getting access by forklifts and one can find hydraulic lift gate installed on different route trucks that increase efficiency.

Flatbeds for Trucks Are Still Evolving

Flatbeds are used by lumber suppliers that transport to work sites for over centuries with regular success. Once these deliveries are offloaded by making use of steel roller system, it is possible to control better during offloading of large timbers, pipe, and plywood pallets. And the stake gates that are there on rectangular flatbeds could be removed for the forklift to get access.

One can find larger and double trailer frames that could often be seen on interstate highways. One can find different kinds of loads being carried on these flatbeds, from larger pieces of construction equipment, jet engines, and earth movers to fabricated metal rolls. This large Flatbed transportation for trucks comes with considerably high load capacities that could be from ten thousand and going to over fifty thousand pounds.

Flatbed transportation for trucking is often used for shipping and delivering large products and raw materials. However, the cost of transportation using flatbed could turn out to be a bit costly and often remains the only choice for shipping large and heavy products that do not fit within a normal vehicle. One can do this task by contracting a transportation company or buy one’s own truck if there is a need for too much transportation of products and tools to different places.

Different Facets Of Specialized Hauling Companies

Most of us have availed hauling services from specialized hauling companies at some time or another. A good example of this is when you move our office or home to a different location in which all the items require to be shifted to the new destination. For safer transportation of the goods, it would do well to get the services of specialized hauling companies.

Heavy industries mostly make use of heavy hauling services. Most industries make use of these services which forms a part of their logistics that calls for transporting equipment and materials to different places. This type of shipment requires shipping multi-top materials which are transported to distant places. Specialized hauling companies provide hauling and heavy lifting services using an extensive fleet of trucks, and also use ships and railroad to take cargo on board them through the network that is spread across the country. Hence, they are capable of transferring heavy equipment and good items to any place. However, it is important to have proper insurance of the goods as transporting them without insurance coverage could be a risky step. One needs to go for a customized insurance policy that fits this type of haulage business quite well. Hence, if some kind of hazardous material is shipped in a truck, then it should be covered with proper insurance under the right coverage plan.


The goods that are being transported get haulage insurance coverage, which is often not taken care of by one who is not attentive to the nitty-gritty of the business. As the goods and equipment being transported are costly, it makes sense to insurance the content so that there is assurance of the safety and security of the products being shipped. In most of the cases, a considerable price needs to be paid for heavy haulage insurance coverage.

The wide array of services that are provided by specialized hauling companies like Power Only Transit is railroad freight, house raising, heavy construction equipment hauling, loading and offloading of materials to rail cars, barge movement, heavy weighing and lifting, and even loading and storage of port trans. It makes sense at the time of selecting a heavy hauling service provider to keep some important things in mind. It is important to get a good rate price that matches your budget. Some of the other factors that should be kept in mind include pickup and delivery of goods in a timely manner and providing quality services. A good way to go about it is to check with people who often use these services to get their recommendations or look through the websites for information about service providers on the business of this type.

Opting for local specialized hauling companies would help you to interact with these service providers personally, though you could opt for the service providers that available across the country to help in shipping your goods to distant places.

The Advantages of Hiring Expert One way Trailer Transport Services

Hiring professional one-way trailer transport services is definitely not a daunting task anymore as you will find a large number of such service providers in the market today. With business expansion features, much more is required than just hiring a truck or a trailer to transport large and heavy equipment from one destination to the other. One way trailer transport facilities are just another example of ‘power-only’ trucking where your truck or heavy equipment is towed by professional agents and helpers.


There are a lot of benefits to hiring professional companies that specialize in one-way trailer transport services. It is imperative that you hire the best provider, considering the innumerable companies that exist today for the same services. When you hand over a responsibility this important and huge to anyone, you as a customer need to make sure that the transportation job will indeed be carried out in the safest, legal and professional manner.

The benefits of hiring professional one-way trailer transport services:

  • Professional companies have the right people, machinery, and equipment to be able to perform the task quickly, safely and successfully for you. For business and industrial purposes, when large or oversized equipment is transported using such tow-away services, a different level of expertise is required to be able to implement the entire process in the right manner with a professional attitude.
  • You can save a lot of costs when you get your transport services handled by professional agents. Instead of facing unnecessary costs of damage and repairs, you can just hire a provider at the right price to ensure that the transportation job is handled safely and you are saved from spending irrelevant money on things that are not useful.
  • Legal issues are all taken care of by the company itself. Especially if you are getting large or oversized equipment transported across boundaries, taking care of legal matters becomes extremely important in such cases. Also, not adhering to legal compliances may just end up with putting more burdens on you, when it comes to costs and responsibilities.
  • Customer requirements are the base of the functioning of any trailer transport service provider. No matter how simple or complex your requirements are, professional companies ensure that they provide you quality services at affordable prices to help you make the most of what they have to offer.

Under what circumstances you can use one-way trailer transport facilities:

Mostly oriented with business and industrial tasks, there are a lot of ways and many situations where you can hire professional one-way trailer transport services:

  • Long term purposes, such as equipment storage or office space
  • Moving large machinery or heavy equipment on a regular basis
  • Across boundary transport of exhibits, promotions, and accessories
  • When mobile operations or disaster relief is being conducted

For all the above tasks, most companies will however only provide tow away services where they supply only the power, while the equipment, truck, and trailer are your responsibility to take care of. Especially when it comes to assisting various manufacturing industries, such ‘power-only’ services come to great use preferably when you don’t need to unnecessarily spend money on hiring a truck separately when you already have one. You can only hire the driver and the people who can help with the transportation of your equipment. So the next time you decide on hire a one-way trailer transport service provider, make sure that you do a complete research background and go ahead with your decision.